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Katherine Hutchinson is an aerial dancer who creates expressive and powerful art. She choreographs and curates aerial, dance, photography, video, and performance projects with a wide array of artists who share her vision for emotionally driven art. Collaboration, research and imagery are paramount in her projects about strength and magic.


After reading a historical account of the Salem Witch Trials, she created an aerial silks act made entirely of original choreography inspired by the imagery found in her research. 


In a full-length circus/theatre show about lies she and the cast had the opportunity to improvise on stage, making the show different every night of the run.


In a revival of a 17th century Italian opera about a sorceress, Katherine performed enchanting aerial solos with the on-stage string quartet and harpsichordist. 


She has done photoshoots in the salt flats covered in paint for Jean Paul Bourdier and in an aerial silk dress on the California coast with Sarah Eichstedt.


She created an aerial dance video about body shame with breath artist and beatboxer Shodekeh.


Katherine is known for her grace in the air. Combining her 20 years of classical ballet training with a decade of extensive aerial study, Katherine has established a new caliber of aerial dancer. She and her students show a dedication to strong, well-aligned movement while never forgetting the expressive aspects of performance. These principles are central to Katherine’s trademarked class Air Ballet™.

In the fall of 2021 she ascended into her new role at Kinetic Arts Center as artistic director.

2010 - present
2010 - present
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