Air Ballet Tip March 2019

Updated: May 28, 2019

Your tip this month is simple "Purse First" {a mantra, a move, a mindset} Move as though the contents of your purse or the rocks in your watch will get you anything and anyone you want. You are spicy! You are foxy! You have our attention. Now hold it!

June, living in it

We already know how poignant the pause can be from Air Ballet: Political Edition, so use that pause in your fancy arms sequence and hit that Flamenco and live in it!

Give us time to admire your jewelry. Show the audience you have something worth watching. The longer you hold that shape the more anticipation builds.

As athletes and experienced aerialists we want to hurry up and get to the "impressive" part of the sequence. Welp, I've got news for you, your idea of impressive is wildly skewed.

Asha, lovin it

The average audience member is impressed as soon as your feet leave the floor. It is in your best interest to milk that moment. After your first russian climb (a small one if you're beating) HOLD! Hang in the air, just inches off the floor for a second. Show the audience your strength, your control and your grace. Move your legs and head, then go to the russian sous-sur. Then HOLD...AGAIN. Hang, move your legs and head. Then go to the russian footlock and get the picture.

Suffice to say, you are inherently impressive. I am impressed with you daily. I don't say it enough, I LOVE TEACHING THIS CLASS. I cant wait to see you all this week...and next! We get 5 weeks of Air Ballet this month! woohoo!

Which reminds me, Air Ballet October: costume edition was so much fun I would like to invite you to wear rings, bracelets, earrings, watches and rocks next week (3/38-29) if and only if you are performing on rope. (no necklaces will be permitted)

Here is a video to inspire your movement these next few weeks.

Thank you Zoe Jakes for the phrase and Jo Celso for sending the video and of course