Circus Veritas: The Process, The Pain and The Poetry

Opening November 4th at Kinetic Arts Center in Oakland, California

Circus Veritas featuring the Sacred Order of the Burning Pants.

Please visit Kinetic Arts Productions for more details.

This post is about the process of making the show.

The premise of the show, from my perspective, is; lies are easier to swallow than the truth because the beauty of a lie is that you know the truth is out of the question. With a world that has become so unbelievable, the truth is scary and sometimes totally unattainable. Where can you turn to find the truth? Which news source, which politician, which teacher, which preacher, what book, what podcast, who can you trust?

You can trust the circus. The circus, theatre, magic have always been filled with lies. You arrive at the venue knowing that you will be tricked.

Tricked into believing this is easy.

But this is hard.

And this is applause worthy.

We're in Venice, and now San Francisco, no, it's New York.

This is a dress, that is a man, those are women, those two guys are a horse, this ottoman can talk, that tea pot hopped away, the ball was under the cup the whole time.

This is my first time working on a long running circus show. There will be 7 weekends of shows in all and we rehearsed together for 8 weeks prior. The process has been incredibly collaborative and deeply introspective. There are about 13 acts in the show and 5 performers. We are all in about 10 of them. Even the director is in one act.

I'm as inspired as I am exhausted. The whole cast performs aerial, dance, hand-balancing, spoken word, acrobatics, partnering, AND Chinese pole. We all took turns teaching each other our disciplines.

[If you're wondering, yes, I had a hard time sharing my secrets of silky seduction and an even harder time watching my friends learn them so quickly. Then; my friends taught me pole, spotted me in acrobatic moves, helped me learn to handstand walk and I stopped being such a diva.] We had work to do.

and work to redo...

Early on in the rehearsal process Ross broke his pinky finger. Pinky fingers are the underdogs of fingers. They house the majority of your grip strength, aid in hand-balancing and acrobatics and contribute aesthetically to the look of your hand. This slowed us down significantly, Ross being the Chinese pole and acrobatics master.

A few weeks later Northern California caught on fire. Oakland was affected indirectly by the fires. Our air was full of smoke and debris. We were instructed, "rehearse but try not to breathe deeply."

A week ago Eka squished her diaphragm in a rope performance.

We open Saturday 11/4 8pm

Come see what we've made! The show runs every weekend through Dec. 17

Look out for my post next week about the first performance.