Air Ballet Tip November 2018

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

Hey Air Ballerinas! Welcome to my blog. This is where you'll find monthly musings on powerful performance tips and tricks. (they won't all be alliterations but they will always be helpful)

November's combination harnesses the anger we may have experienced during the election. The movement motif is "the finger" demonstrated below by none other than Rachel Lepkowski.

*Rachel Lepkowski

When voting (or performing) we must be fully confident and fully present. We can't just think about how angry we are. We have to dive headfirst (backwards) into our anger and make the people around us feel it too.

But how do we make the audience feel our anger?

First and most important is; we perform best when we are being real so be really real. Be you, on your worst day. Be you, that time someone catcalled you on your bike after you fought with your mother and saw that your roommate didn't do the dishes AGAIN. Be you, when you found out Trump appointed Betsy DeVos etc. etc. Be you, when you realized that the government and mass media protects and believes the rapists, assaulters, harassers over the survivor e v e r y t i m e. However, sometimes we are having so much fun in class that it's hard to invoke those angry feelings. My last tip is to mutter "fuck you" under your breath. Your eyes and mouth will contort into the face you make when you want justice but society tells you to "smile" or "be nice".

Two more chances to come rage with us this month

Thursday 11/29 7:05-8:05

Friday 11/30 6:00-7:00

At Athletic Playground as always....

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