Air Ballet Tip January 2019

January is here and it's time for the come down. The holidays are over. It's still winter. You really did spend all that money. But it's 2019 and this year will be different!

Oh's kind of the same.

Ok, that feeling, right there...The I-expected-it-to-be-different-but-its-the-same-old-bullsh#t Thats what we're trying to show in this month's sequence. "Don't let me down" has an angsty drama to it that everyone can identify with. It's that relationship you put your whole self into and got nothing in return. It's that time you trusted a friend and they posted your secret to facebook.

What is that emotion and what does it look like on your body? I've been asking you to show me exhaustion. Show me what it looks like to be depleted of energy and patience. Now do it while hovering 15 feet in the air. Haha...yeah right.

No, but seriously. There are places to rest choreographed into the sequence. The hip key seat and the window seat are perfect for that. You could even call the kidney basket a rest...but seriously. How long does it take to show someone you're exhausted? One look, right? In one look you can see in posture and facial expression that someone has been beaten down. They've been let down, one too many times.

So, this week, while your at work or on your commute home, when your tired and your over it, watch your body. What does it do? Do you hang your head forward or backwards? Do you rub your forehead, pull at your hair? Do you crack you knuckles or sigh with more volume than usual. Then bring those movements into the choreography. We want to see what it looks like when YOU'VE been let down.

Jo, looking like she's been let down