Air Ballet Tip February 2019

How do we express love without words? What is a loving gesture?

wow, now there's a can of worms.

No, but seriously, how do we show the person we love that we love them without saying those three little words?

Well, I'll tell you.

Baby, it's a look.

We have talked about the importance of focus in the past. As high flying artists we have a tendency to focus inwards. We are paying the most attention to our footlock or our dramatic wrap because we have to make sure we don't fall out of the air.

However, as you become more comfortable with the movements, you have to remember to switch your focus. This month the focus is down at the mat below you where your lover is waiting. How do you look at a lover? You don't have to wave at them. You don't have to caress the air around them. You just look at them and they know. They can feel your eyes, your energy, your love. You're not looking at them like you look at Facebook. You're not looking at them like you look in the mirror. You're not looking at them like you look at the chalkboard. You are seeing them. It's not just a glance, it's a piercing stare. Like little heart emojis are coming out of your eyes and raining down on your perfect love.

The purpose of the theme this month is to try and pull your focus from the wraps and locks and send it outward.

Jen Schussler!

After you wrap the hip key, look down at your love.

After you wrap the Rebekah, before you go to the split, look at your love.

In the split, look at your love.

After the belay, look at your love.

Your focus is the most powerful tool you have, share it.